Erik Johannessen (1975) is a trombonist and composer from Oslo, Norway.

I play the trombone in Jaga Jazzist, Meg og Kammeraten min, Loud Jazz Band, Bror Forsgren, Ensemble Denada, Lord Kelvin, Jeff Smax, Magic Pocket, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Kråketing, Funky Hot Grits...


Jaga Jazzist new album Starfire is out now!

Great reviews already

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo - Savages is out now!

Jonas Howden Sjøwag/Navyelectre - Large Ensemble is out now, but recorded in 2004 !

I have started playing children concerts with Martin Hagfors in «Meg og kammeraten min».

I have produced tubaist Daniel Herskedal’s album «Slow Eastbound Train» on Edition records

Won a Norwegian grammy for

Marius Neset & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for Lion!

photo: Steven Haberland